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From: Nancy Geils , Investingwiththestars.net

Re: Real Estate Investing Interviews 10 CD Set and Ebook

Dear Friend:

Let's get right to the point...

You want to make money real estate! You want to have your own business (or maybe you already have a business, but want to see more profit!).

Right now... I'm going to give you access to the concepts, tools, and tactics that can and will make that happen for you.

My name is Nancy Geils, and here's why you should listen to what I say...

  • My businesses have now generated $Millions of dollars in Real Estate in the past 10 years and it's still GROWING!

  • Just this year alone my business will generate over $1,000,000 (again... A MILLION DOLLARS). Imagine your business doing the same!

  • I have sold thousands of copies of my products online without using any traditional advertising media. All underground.

  • I have trained and continue to train many real estate investors today. It ‘s not uncommon for many of them to call me in the middle of the night to run their ideas past me.

  • I run Real Estate Investing Seminars throughout the United States which has trained many people in Real Estate.

    Here are some of the things you are going to learn on these CDs:
  • How to Market to Find Hungry Buyers and Sellers!
  • How to get Ultra Wealthy from real estate without owning a single property.
  • How to avoid Banks to buy your Investment property
  • How to build a 'Buying and Selling' Machine
  • Learn Short Sale and Pre-foreclosure Investing
  • Learn How to Buy Commercial Real Estate
  • Find Out How to Repair Your Credit and Raise Your Credit Score!
  • Learn How to Market Your Investment Property on the Internet
  • How to Find Private Money and Private Money Lenders to Fund your Deals! and much, much more...


  • Now  Take a Look Below to See The "Star Studded" Experts Who Will Allow You Past Their Cloaked Vail Of Secrecy And Reveal Their Best, Most Prized, Most Secretive Strategies, Experiences, and Ideas...
Kathy Kennebrook

Kathy Kennebrook, is the ultimate success story. She will show you how she generates a 7 figure income by mailing a handful of letters throughout the year to highly selected targets. The secrets that she's going to share with you will increase your business several fold and make it easier for you to find the highest number of deals with the lease amount of work!!! The deals are finally out there, we just need to FIND THEM! Don't miss all her inside secrets to marketing and finding those best deals!

I am ready to order Now!

Mike Warren

Mike Warren, "3 Steps to $7,000 in 7 Days By Stopping Foreclosure"

How to get Ultra Wealthy from real estate without ever having to own a single property! Mike will be sharing for the first time ever, his powerful secrets. Some of the things he will cover:

  • Cashing in on foreclosure crisis
  • How to get homeowners in foreclosure to call you, one precise phrase that draws homeowners to you like a moth to a flame
  • Creating cash flow with loan modifications
  • DIL's and loan abatements and much, much more


Mike Butler

Mike Butler

Mike is a focused, aggressive real estate investor who takes pride in AVOIDING BANKS to buy investment property. Mike realized early on he must have a strong foundation to grow quickly. After discovering the powerful life changing benefit results from investing the right way, Mike knuckled down and developed his amazingly simple and safe "push button" 5M Wealth Autopilot system" to deliver true financial freedom for his family. This system does it all! From wholesaling, flips, rehabs, landlording, buying discounted notes, seller financing, subject -to, IRA deals, brokerage with agents and much, much more! Mike will show you how to get more than 100% of your rents every year!

Get Your Copy Now!

Larry Goins

Larry Goins, "How to Build & Profit from your Very Own Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine"

Work less, make more and have more fun doing it! You will learn how to use technology to easily automate your business, how to buy 10-15 houses a month without ever even looking at them, secrets for never talking to a single realtor, attorney appraiser or buyer ever again!, How to outsource even the most important of tasks in your business so it finally starts working for YOU!

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Dwan Bent Twyford

Dwan Bent Twyford

  • 15 years experience in R E Investing, completing over 1,000 transactions
  • Witnessed numerous changes of national trends & continued to successfully invest during all of them!
  • Self-made multi-millionaire, rising from rags to riches
  • Recently called upon by MSNBC & Naomi Judd's Morning Show as an expert in the current R E Market
  • Devoted to teaching others how to change their lives sharing her secrets of success
  • Author of Best Seller "Short-Sale Pre-Foreclosure Investing"

Take Advantage Now!

Richard Odessey

Richard Odessey, "Create a Million Dollar Slush Fund for all your Real Estate Purchases, Rehabs, Repairs, and Mortgage Payments!"

Do those Big Deals with sure Million Dollars Profits and Life Changing Cash Flows! Stop struggling with those marginal nothing-down deals that keep you from achieving your dreams.

Did you know that it takes no more work to do a big deal than a small one? So, why not start doing the big deals with the high profits and gushing cash flows. Is it "Getting the Money" that's holding you back? NOW, it is Within Your grasp when you have all the money you need. Come to hear Richard tell you All His Secrets to Private Investing with HIGH NET WORTH Lenders!

This is for me!

Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Has been a self made entrepreneur since the word "go". In addition to successfully investing in real estate, Josh has become a powerful figure in the world of Internet Marketing. Josh has found an ingenious way to make money in the real estate investing business without ever buying or selling a single property. In fact, he recently implemented a strategy for a BIG TIME real estate expert that brought in over $250,000 in extra profits! Join Josh and see what his strategies for making money online will do for you! Josh has made a career of helping normal people achieve extraordinary success!

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Terry Hale

Terry Hale, "Commercial Real Estate"

Leading expert in Land and Commercial Property Investing! He will teach you the strategies to buy commercial property with none of your own money or credit in the deal. He has worked hand and hand with thousand of student's day in and day out and analyzed well over $6Billion in commercial real estate of all property types. He will teach his creative techniques that apply to all property types in addition to land with exit strategies for positive cash flow or to sell for quick cash profits.

"Terry helps you reach toward your dreams his success can't help rub off on you too!" - David Shaw NY - Don't miss this call - you will learn so much!


John Burley

John Burley is best known by his friends and peers as a man who "walks his talk" and lives a life of Integrity.

Through John's informative workshops, thousands of students have learned how to...

  • Completely erase their consumer debt
  • Develop the positive money habits needed for long-term success
  • Achieve their own vision of personal financial freedom and prosperity
  • Amass a personal fortune in real estate wealth
  • The strategies and tools needed to make money in today's real estate environment
  • Low cost, yet effective, marketing techniques to acquire properties, fill vacancies and accumulate large amounts of investment capital
  • High-level strategies the pro's use to dramatically remove the risk of property investing
  • Create the best systems for running your personal property investment business
  • Remarket investment real estate above market value, quickly and easily
  • Purchase property even when the banks won't give you any money

I am ready to order Now!

Terry Hale

Lucy Brenton , "Credit Repair Made Easy "

Good Credit is even more important than ever. With the banks not lending very easily anymore, you must hear what Lucy is teaching. She is "the original credit coach". On this call you will learn How to Repair and Maintain your Credit, Fair Debt Collection practices, and all the current credit laws that will enable you to have a good credit score and many more of her secrets that she will revealed.

I want my CDS and Ebook Now!

When you add it all up you've got 11 of the world's most successful real estate investors doing everything in their power to take give you powerful business altering information.

It's like locking your self in a room alone with these seven experts for over 10 hours while they help you build your business.

Now, before we let you in on the rock-bottom price I'm letting the Real Estate Investing With The Stars Advanced Training CDs go for, we want to stress that:

You're NEVERGoing To Get This Content
At This Low Price Ever Again!

We are planning to mix-and-match these presentations into my OWN information products that usually range between $397 to $997.

But, for the first 300 people who take action, we decided to charge just $197 to reserve this powerful CD set with my Investing with the Stars Ebook.  This is just what I need!

This is a really a DARN good deal considering that almost ALL these experts speak at seminars that range between $2,000 to $20,000 per seat (and that's NOT including travel and hotel expenses).

Plus, the content for most of these seminars get 'recycled' as part of $500 to $1500 CD sets and home study courses.

Wow, when you consider all this, the price we're asking for this CD set and Ebook is irrelevant. It's about the same as a modest night out for dinner, or a night out at the movies...you know, stuff that's gone in an instant.

And since we twisted the presenter's arms to really deliver some powerful information, it's a pretty safe bet that each presenter I interviewed delivered a kick-butt presentation.

This means you'll get hours and hours of actionable content you can listen to over and over again, take notes on, and implement for your OWN business!

We've Got A SERIOUS Confession To Make:

The 300 CD sets are available through this one-time offer at a low price of  $197.00

You see, it took a couple months to plan the Real Estate Investing with the Stars Advanced Training series. During that time, people got wind of what was going on.

Our customer support desk got hounded with calls and emails asking if we would make the entire series available as a product. Plus, they wanted to save $297 instantly by reserving a spot with one of our real estate Success Coaches.

That means that you need to take action right now, and get your copy. As soon as the 300th order is placed, this webpage will be taken down, and the content will be 'recycled'.

Buy Now!

So don't hesitate...GET your copy of the Real Estate "Investing with the Stars" Advanced Training series CD and Ebook set right now...while it's still fresh on your mind!

Yes, Nancy, I Would Like To Reserve My Copy Of This Advanced Training CD set While Supplies Last!

Better Hurry - Only 300,226,194 CD's Left!

I'd have to be crazy to miss this one time offer! And I understand how much of a tremendous value this CD and Ebook set is for only $197...

I also understand that my one-time investment of $197 will be repaid over and over again...multiple times faster when I take action on these proven and tested investing strategies.

I also know that I have nothing to lose, considering that you are generous enough to give me a FULL REFUND if I do not think the information in this advanced training series will take my investing business to the next level.

The Real Estate "Investing with the Stars" Advanced
Training Series CD and Ebook Set - Only $197.00

Believe me...

This CD and Ebook Set is something You'll Want To Refer To
Over And Over Again To Hardwire These
Advanced Investing Concepts Into
Your Brain For GOOD!

So reserve your copy of The Real Estate "Investing with the Stars" Advanced Training Series CD Set right now...while supplies last. Only 300 DVDs will be released at this price. Only 194 CD sets remain.

To Your Investing Profits,

Nancy Geils,
PO Box 11, Monroe, CT

P.S. One more thing...it's important. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you change your mind and want your money back simply let us know and we'll give you your money back no questions asked! You can return the CD set 30 days after shipment if you aren't satisfied.

Order Now!

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